About M

I am completely lost.  I am stretched too thin, and I’ve always been too ambitious for my own good.  That ambition sets me on a path that swerves; sometimes, it circles,  slows, pauses, or just goes.  Whatever the case, I’ve been searching for that straight line.  The issue is that I want this, I want that, and I want all of it right now.  I’m hard on myself, and I care too much about everything.  But what most?  Is it my family? Is it photography?  Writing?  Politics?  Maybe medicine? Health care?  Is it love?  Is it art? Is it gladiator heels?  Is it my diary? Is it my past? Is it today? Is it tomorrow?

My struggle’s always been to find that one thing that defines me, so that I could find that coveted direction to lead my life.  Usually, I fail to identify one common thread that binds me together.  But I realized that was it.  I just care in general.  I care about things.

So, if you read on, just know that this is me caring.

– M


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