The way things work.

November 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

I consider it a blessing to have this opportunity to learn about how the world works. I’m actually flabbergasted that, before entering this Postbacc Premed program, I had appreciated little of the magic that fills the world around all of us.

Often, I think people move through their lives just accepting that the world is what it is — the things around you came to be somehow, but all that really matters is that those things exist as they are when you need them. But, after taking a year’s worth of science courses, I realize that I’m asking more and more about how did this get here? What chemistry — what magic — was used to produce this piece of paper? What technology created this specific texture? It may seem trivial, but it’s not. Whether by scientists or nature or some higher power, every facet of every thing has been engineered for a specific function. The make-up of this world comes together for a reason, and knowing a bit about how the world works, I actually believe that.

Now, as I do simple tasks, I think about the energy that was used to drive the mechanical force that pushes these buttons, and simultaneously, I wonder about the brain that wires information to my hands to keep them typing, to choose this word and not that, to formulate language, and thoughts, and feelings. It’s all a circle, and I’m just in awe at how literally wonderful the world is.

I suppose this geek moment was brought on by a piece of writing my biology professor assigned for reading. Sometimes, I tend to forget what my current courses have to do with medicine, but this piece made me realize that it’s all connected. It kind of blew my mind. Call it nerdy, but I just think that our universe is crazy amazing.

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