Dear Amazon Prime:

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m worse with you.

I need to quit you. I am a student again; this time, I am past the age of feckless behavior. I have loans, rent, bills to pay. I cannot afford every suggestion you throw my way.  Yes, I may also like the Canon L series lenses, and thank you for giving me the option consider a similar version of the rain boots I just ordered on your website. You know, that tripod would go perfectly with the remote shutter I just bought.

You’re evil. Your homepage is scrawling with the likes and wants of a vagabond me, after midnight, sifting through your pages of merchandise, leaving behind a blueprint with which you will taunt me during my next visit.

I should resist.

Damn the allure of two-day shipping. Your features make it seem like I’m using my time more efficiently by avoiding a trip to the store. Instead of trekking 30 minutes on the subway to the nearest container store, I can order a 40-piece jewelry organizer from my desk and continue to solve the chemistry equations that stand before me and medical school.

Really, I am irresponsible with you. I am lazy with you. I rationalize with you. I spend more with you. I waste more with you. Think of the fuel used to ship you to my door. All the packing material now going to waste in a landfill close to my hometown.

Oy, Amazon Prime, I need to quit you…

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