M’s good feelings.

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

After maybe one of the best New York Sundays I’ve had in a while, I am completely in love with where I am in my life.

Just a moment ago, I was entering the address of Amazon.com’s website, and I literally typed, “www.amazing.com.” It’s disgustingly cute how motivated and able I feel. In all honesty, I’m grossing myself out with my seemingly endless fount of good feelings.

See, life is all about what I can do today, and it turns out that there’s lots I can actually do. And I’m just feeling thankful — thankful I came to this realization that I am beyond capable in the shoes I wear today. I can only hope that you’ll somehow be able to experience this very feeling. It’s liberating to know how you can work toward your tomorrows in this same day, one hour at a time, one deed at a time.

It’s true when they say that you can’t build an empire in just one day. But perhaps you can in a year. To achieve that, you’ve got to work a little bit every day — maybe even do a lot if you have the time and opportunity. But you’ve got to know that it’s okay to set a few practical goals each day. Don’t feel lesser than you are because you didn’t cure cancer today.

Your ideas are the empire. Your work in the everyday will help you realize that empire. Practical goals, do them. Do them every day.

It will feel so good, and you will actually get closer to wherever you want to be. I’ve got a lot that I want to do in my life, and I drown in to-do lists. But, little by little, I’m going to clear those bullet points out, so that I can move forward in filling my days with whatever it is that enriches my life.

Today’s important thing to care about was my apartment, and I went after it. A day of sifting through lanterns and incense with Alysha, and a night of building furniture in solitude — that’s all I needed. Now, I’m high on this feeling of exhaustion and pure accomplishment. And I’m ten steps closer to creating a real home for myself and Takafumi.

Little by little, I am creating my empire.

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