my mother, the great

August 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

My mother is bold.

She is this unbelievably independent woman, unyielding and stubborn, a willful and powerful force whose beliefs are founded in steel and in stone. I’ve lived my life in awe of her being, and I’ve always felt that the most distinctive facet of her character is the way her actions have always been marked by some great sense of purpose.

As she grows older and continues to improve the already perfect soul within her, I am amazed by her benevolence, her fortitude, her spirit, and her enduring commitment to fulfilling her potential — and to augmenting mine.

I’ve spent the greater part of my thinking years aspiring to resemble her.  I’ve come to realize, for better or worse, I’ve always been the product of her hard work and her nature, and I can’t escape falling into the mold of her semblance.  Not that I’d want to anyway; I’m lucky to be hers.

Sometimes, I think about what life would be like — what I would be like — in another world with another mother.  Essentially, I wouldn’t exist at all.  I wouldn’t know what I know. I wouldn’t feel what I feel. I wouldn’t have become the woman I’m learning to be today.

I realize that it all begins with her.  She is the starting point, the impetus, the catalyst in my life. She has been mother, father, friend, confidant, healer, even foe.  Whether or not I wanted it, she has provided me with everything I’ve needed to become better.

My life is good because she wanted that above all else.  My heart opens almost effortlessly, my convictions are as firm as stone, and my strengths grow like they do — all because of the experience that is my mother.

She is a sight to behold, to remember, to cherish.  My mother, the great.

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