March 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Don’t worry; I won’t be expounding on a complex treatise on Jennifer Lopez, kickboxing, and the ills of domestic abuse. 

This is about ambition and character. The other day, I was freaking out about whether ‘good enough’ was ever going to be good enough.  And, like magic, at work, John C. Bogle’s book Enough. was dropped into my lap.  Though it may seem boring to some — in short, it’s about the investment world and the excesses of the industry — it looks like it could be a very interesting read for any ambitious person who is looking for balance in his or her life.

From just a glance, it can be very business-based at times, but it is both intuitive and all-encompassing.  The book is about more than being successful in your careers and knowing the limits of greed and overzealous ambition; it’s about being better “members of our families, our professions, and our communities.”  It’s very utilitarian in a sense, and it might put some of my goals in perspective.  Sounds like I might want to read more about being “enough” and knowing what is “enough.”

Thought I’d share because it might be interesting to those of you who haven’t already heard about it.


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