i’m eyeing you, short stuff.

December 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m currently obsessed with “short” literature.  Essays, poems, quotations.  I recently purchased Harold Bloom’s The Best Poems of the English Language.  Though Bloom can be seen as a crabby member of the critic literati, his selections are wonderful, and his commentary is useful for anyone who hopes to learn more about reading poetry — whether you ultimately agree with Bloom or not.  In regard to my knowledge on poetry, I deem myself unassuming and not learned enough to ever thoughtfully disagree with Bloom, but at least I can try to appreciate the handwork of some of English’s best poets.

I’m not one to write poetry myself (anymore), but I have always found real satisfaction from writing essays.  I need to start writing more of them, more developed short pieces, and I hope that, as I progress as a human being, a woman, a friend, a lover, a doctor, a leader, whatever, that I will continue to use writing as a lens for learning.  Like a focus on a camera, the written word has always helped me see things more clearly. 

Here’s a book of essays I’m hoping to buy soon.  (Is it dorky that I get excited every time I use my Barnes&Nobles member card?)

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