on my smallness

September 29, 2009 § 5 Comments

On Thursday night, I was sitting in the back of a room with people who, today, are relatively more important than I am.

May sound odd to admit, but if you were there, I’m sure you’d feel the same.  I was small in that room, surrounded by the giants of the world I want to help lead.  It was humbling, but I was proud to share the air with these people, these wind movers, my idols.

In a world like this one, I always find it heartening to see leaders who show unadulterated concern for our future. To see women who risk their lives to stop human trafficking.  Women whose voices carry a pervasive call to action.  Women who, against all odds, will strive for their inclusion in society.  Men who drive innovation and global sustainability.  Men whose creativity fuels life-changing microfinance and microinsurance mechanisms.  Men who spread knowledge and hope to the youngest and the poorest.  Believe me, there are people all over the world — and in that room — whose actions change it for the better, every single day.

So, I was small in that room.  Today, less important in that room.  But, for tomorrow, it was more important than ever that I see what heights I can someday reach, what tests I can look forward to overcoming.

I’ll not soon forget what it was to be there, behind movers, watching idols, and honoring the progress I will build on one day.  One day.


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